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How to cook the best stovetop Quinoa

How to cook Quinoa

How To Cook Quinoa

Learn how to cook the best quinoa with helpful techniques for creating it on the stove top perfectly light and tender whenever . This superfood seed contains all nine essential amino acids for a high-quality protein-packed entremots . A healthy gluten-free and vegetarian choice to accompany any meal.

Quinoa may be a superfood king that has found a special place in many kitchens because it has grown in popularity over the years. It’s not a surprise because this pseudocereal has numerous health benefits when incorporated into diets, for many people. It’s somewhat of an preference and texture, because the spherical seeds have a nutty flavor, earthy flavor, and slight bitterness. It’s an easy method to cook quinoa correctly. However, there are some critical preparation steps that you simply don’t want to skip before the cooking even begins. find out how to organize quinoa in order that the eating experience is positive, maximizing the nutritional goldmine by incorporating it as a entremots or into various recipes.


How to Cook Quinoa

Cooking quinoa is extremely almost like preparing rice therein it uses the simmering method. Here are the keys steps to creating quinoa on the stove top that's light, fluffy and tastes good.


1) Soak and Rinse

Unless it’s marked as rinsed on the bag, you’ll want to hide it during a bowl of cold water for two minutes to get rid of the outer shell. Then rinse quinoa during a fine mesh strainer with cool water for 30 seconds. Drain the surplus water and transfer quinoa to a cooking pot.


2) Simmer

Add a liquid of choice and a few salt to the pot with the rinsed quinoa–about 2 cups for each one cup of dry quinoa. Bring the water (or stock, for more flavor) to a boil during a saucepan. Cover the pan and reduce heat to medium-low heat, therefore the liquid simmers. Wait 15 to twenty minutes, and check to ascertain if all the water has absorbed and therefore the grain is translucent and tender. If so, you’re finished. If not, keep it on low heat until all the water (or liquid) is absorbed.


3) Sit and Separate

Turn off the warmth and permit the cooked quinoa to take a seat and stay covered for a minimum of 5 minutes. This step enables the last bits of water to be absorbed and let the steam and warmth generated within the closed pot to end the cooking process. this may make sure that the seeds are cooked through and become translucent in appearance. Use a fork to separate and plump up the quinoa right before serving.

How to cook Quinoa


Always Rinse the Quinoa

No matter if the quinoa is labeled as “prewashed” you would like to offer it a fast rinse under cold water. this is often because the seeds have a coating called saponin that features a bitter flavor. Most of the coating is removed when processed before packaging, but the additional steps make sure that the bitterness is minimized.

How To Cook Quinoa

How to cook quinoa with helpful techniques for creating it perfectly light and tender whenever . A healthy gluten-free and vegetarian choice to accompany any meal.
Prep Time

5 Minutes

Cook Time
20 Minutes
4 Servings


1 cup quinoa, (194g)

2 cups water, (480ml)

1/2 teaspoon kosher salt, (3g)


cook Quinoa


Place quinoa during a medium-sized bowl and canopy with cold water. Soak for two minutes.

Transfer soaked quinoa to a fine-mesh sieve. Rinse quinoa under running cold water for 30 seconds until water runs clear.

Gently shake the sieve to get rid of the excess water.

Then, transfer the rinsed quinoa to a medium-sized pot fitted with a lid.

Carefully add 2 cups of cold water and the salt to the pot.

Bring water to a boil over medium-high heat.

Finally, once the water boils, carefully reduce heat to medium-low.

Cover pot and simmer until quinoa absorbs all of the water and is tender about 15 to twenty minutes. If the quinoa still looks wet, still cook, checking every 5 minutes.

Turn off heat and let stand, covered 5 to 10 minutes. Fluff with a fork to separate the grains.

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